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Art & Its Presence in a Daily Life

Earlier times, importance or presence of ‘Art’ wasn’t significant as of today because many of them wouldn’t encourage individuals to take art as a subject or other area of expertise. Now, Art makes a huge impact on a common man daily life, as we revolve or surrounded by it. subsequently, time immemorial art has existed as long as man. The role of art in culture plays a huge part, as it shapes our ideas, understands in-depth emotions, self-awareness and much more. though, we use art on a frequent basis many times fail to realize the impact of it. some of the reasons why art is important:

    • Improves creativity skills.
    • It gives immense pleasure and joy.
    • Improves an individual’s patience.
    • It relieves the individual’s stress.
    • An opportunity to showcase individual talent.
    • It can uplift an individual confidence.
    • It can even develop individual education.
    • A bridge of communication to other people.
    • It helps individual to learn visually.
    • Art can help an individual to express his/her emotions.

Through, many forms and patterns we can compare, identify and understand art like in home: everyone does we have some or the other system of art pieces showcased at home- table centerpiece, framed painting or photograph, even the design and other details required for a dream home is also a sought of art. More of admiration it is of functional art at homes. Every accessory patterned art decorative tea towels or teacups can be considered a form of art. Most of us misunderstand these types of items into decoration rather than an art. Music is also a form of art, a universal language and its importance to individual daily lives is undeniable. Music creates a positive impact on people’s moods and perspective, where it can boost up productivity, motivation, and determination. Similarly, when a person has a high stress, many people find it relaxing to calm and compassed music that eases the mind.

On a daily basis, art influences and its presence is marked every phase of life, which we don’t realize most of the times. This is the mere reason why art is very important in our daily lives. We are four-sided by art that is in the form of a painting, music or perhaps videos, which has an enormous impact on our mood and emotions.

Science and technology are considered to be superior to art, which is misunderstood by most of the people. But art makes life worthwhile. It may not fulfill all our basic needs; it does make life joyful. Nowadays, we are confined into a fast-paced urban lifestyle, so we take more of the quick, hasty and fragmented decision, thoughts etc. but, art makes every moment memorable. Through, self-awareness can be increased and understood which can lead to more success for a person in both personal and professional life.

Art can make a community more beautiful. It also makes the places more interesting and pleasing wherever we go to spend time. Art displays a better understanding of cultures, history, and tradition; as well as help the people to weave their present, future from today.