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8 Reasons to Use Typography in Graphic Design

When you visit a website or other information-based platform, which content attracts you a lot? Textual or Design Content? More or less we prefer to go through the headline and info first, then only we give prior importance of design elements in total. This is why typography plays a major role in designing any type of content at any source of the communicational platform.reasons for typography

General Definition of a Typography is, it is an art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. The aesthetic value, the appearance of content is what attracts reader/audience more. Typography plays a vital role in framing the overall presence of a website and ensures a great user experience. Basically, a team of designers who creates advertisement, magazines, web designer gives much priority to the typographical element because to present the content or document in a professional way. Here are the eight reasons why.

  1. Typography is a channel of communication.

With the advanced level of technology, readers do prefer both traditional and online medium platform for varied purposes like business, art or other specific product or service. Readers do understand easily what type of information it caters while visiting the website. This is due to using of typography and other design element incorporated at the medium. The way of content, colors, fonts and other minute details arranged in a platform determines the communication channel between visitor and website owner.

  1. Typography attracts the readers.

Fonts and Style of Typographical writing attracts the readers a lot to the content. Usage of fonts should clean and neat as possible which is the key of presentation as the viewer should be able to read and understand the content easily. It shouldn’t be too small and crummy. Style and color of fonts incorporated in designing company creative element kit like a logo, visiting cards, magazine determine value, mission, and policies of the company.

  1. Typography holds an audience’s attention.

Audience easily gets attracted to both tangible and intangible products. But to seek attention towards typography fonts it’s not an easy task as it requires a lot of creativity. Most of the designers work through creating some interesting content like unique creative designs, highlighting texts that captivate audience attention etc. sometimes it does lack interest from typography, which can be made effectively attractive if it is implemented in a proper manner.

use of typography

  1. Typography conveys a certain mood or feeling.

Generally, the creation of design varies based on the content and nature of the requirement. Suppose if it is an advertisement content for play station games. In such a case, the design should be created based on fun, playful and entertainment.  fonts of the design can be simple, plain and professional based on the material. The choice of such typeface determines how the content is understood.

  1. Typography establishes an information hierarchy.

Information hierarchy categorizes texts in accordance and important manner, that can easily be understood by the reader. It is conveyed in a much clear way by highlighting and differentiating font type and sizes based on its importance. This will help the audience to easily determine the information that they should pay more attention to.

  1. Typography creates harmony.

The most common feature and the rule used in every design and content are ‘Harmony’ because we do repeat the same pattern and structure in most of our presentation. Harmonic design creates an artistic effect to a website or any other content. Usage of similar fonts in the text provides continuity.  The alignment of fonts in a correct proportion organizes the presentation and makes it uncluttered.

  1. Typography reflects professionalism.

The arrangement of typography designs in a correct proportion of a project determines great professionalism. The use of text and font in an appropriate size gains the trust of a customer, which even adds benefit while marketing products for the website and other business. Typography defines the importance of content provided and customer feel secure regarding the information they gain.

  1. Typography creates and builds recognition.

Use of appropriate pattern and rhythmic structure in the website and fonts, it can create a great brand value to the company brand. Typography is always regarded as the phase of the company, as a reader/viewer can easily identify the brand, that is why audience always remembers the font used in visuals. Using typography each content gains company presence.


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