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A Beautiful Story on a Yellow Flower

India is known for its ‘Unity in Diversity’ through festivals, tradition and many more. We celebrate and follow a certain culture as part of our tradition and custom followed from our ancestral period. Some of the major festivals in India are Diwali, Dussehra, Ganesh Chaturthi, Makara Sankranti and many more. People observe all these festivals with great devotion, belief, as well as following all the ritual in the ceremony. Most of the time we forget to think about the significance of the festival such as why do we celebrate it? what is the story behind any festival? etc.

Every year during the middle of April in South India, all the Keralites celebrate a Hindu New Year festival called “Vishu“, which is the beginning of Meda Rashi (zodiac sign). During, this auspicious day mother of the family arranges a “VishuKani” to all the family members which consist of decoration of Lord Krishna with some gold ornaments, fruits, and vegetables. Kani has to be witnessed early morning by all family members as soon as they get up from their sleep. after which they offer prayers in the temple and receive “Vishukkaineetam”  from all the elders in the family, then a big feast is organized. This festival and Onam festival is considered to be one of the most important Hindu Keralite festivals; because during these days, all the family members have a get-together and enjoy as much as possible.


Myself being a Malayalee also celebrated this festival recently. where I was curious to know the story behind this festival from my grandmother who came down from Kerala during this festival time; and she explained me in detail about the significance of this festival where I would like to share it. “Vishu kani konna” or “Kanikonna“- the yellow flower is one of the essential and widely used parts during this festival. As this flower is associated with Sri Krishna- which symbolizes devotion. There is a story behind this blooming flower that is- a small boy who wished to have a grace of Sri Krishna in real was satisfied when he appeared for real in front of this boy, though small boy didn’t have any other wish in return Krishna gave his waist chain as a gift for him, showcased in front of his friends. Next day, it led to being stolen chain from the temple idol Krishna; to know the truth all the village folks questioned the small boy mother where she couldn’t tolerate when people called his child a thief, in anger she threw away the gold chain towards the garden which got stuck up in a tree, suddenly yellow flowers started blooming out of the tree.

Later, these flowers turned to be called “Vishu Kani konna“- a true golden shower or blessings from Lord Krishna. Now, it is for sure that there is a small story behind all the festivals what we celebrate in our own culture or country.


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