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Are You Hungry? – A Brief Note on Food Apps

“Welcome to Swadh Restaurant, Sir your order please…..?”  would be one of the common dialogues, when you are in a restaurant. At present, if you have an android or IOS phone in hand; downloaded with en-number of apps with just one click on book or order now; you get your favorite things delivered at your doorstep is one of the biggest phenomena that is happening; due to the massive influence of technology.

One among is the era of food applications which has become; the biggest relief for any restaurateur to increase popularity for their own restaurant in all sense. At the same time, it is also a quick and painless process for a foodie who is craving for delicious food. This is also a form of extending restaurant services which can develop a lot of employment opportunity. Sometimes, it can be both advantage & disadvantage for both restaurateur & foodie; as many application emphasize foodie to create a personalized account; where you can save your favorite restaurant for a quick order, can save multiple delivery addresses under different labels such as home, work, etc; and many more. Various apps also avail discounts, ability to use coupons and opting for different payment methods such as credit card, debit card, and cash on delivery.

Food Application

Nowadays, there are also certain apps which has become an alternative way for foodie to decide the best restaurant at his/her town, that gives in and out information of a restaurant services through forms of user rating and review which in turn helps a restaurateur to enhance their services, to serve best for their customer. Keerthana who is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in a reputed college states that Apps like Foodpanda, Swiggy and many others are useful, it’s not time-consuming. It would be good if their servers are more creative and user-friendly; because most of the time the server gets hanged. Other, than that food apps are very useful. Foodgawker, Instacart, Yummly are some of the popular food apps in the world. Another form of mechanism to eat your loved food is through online services where you can order from any part of the world with laptop and internet service in hand.


Whereas, when it comes to India, Foodpanda hits the No.1 list, followed by Swiggy, Zomato, JustEat, Tastykhana and many more. These type of apps provide various culinary services starting from breakfast to desserts, snacks. I myself being a foodie, do order certain foods from certain online and apps service, except in timing there has been no other problem faced. Recently, Google has launched AREO- food delivery-cum-home services app in India; this app is in tie-up with the local partners such as Urbanclap, Box8 and many more. Like, these there are various apps who provide the same services to the society such as RedBus, MakeMyTrip, Saavn, Bookmyshow, etc;

Android application is one of the greatest revolutions that has hit various mainstream which helps, an individual to turn out more tech-savvy and discover new experiences with various apps in their daily routine life. With the development of technology, competition among various fields of services also increases to serve the best for a citizen in society.


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