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Guests of the City..!!

Bangalore is a dream destination for many job aspirants. Thousands of people, primarily bachelors come to the city on a daily basis for lucrative career options. this influx, however, comes with a price, in the lodging front, especially in a city like Bangalore where space is the biggest asset. Majority of them prefer paying guest accommodation, as it is more practical and affordable than renting a house. From college students to working professionals, many of them seek spacious rooms for their comfort. while, most of the paying guest accommodation offer very basic facilities, the rent depends not only on the locality of your home but also the extra facilities that they provide. but, in reality, only a handful keep up their promises, leaving the customer disappointed.

Paying Guests

Sheba, a 23-year-old IT employee working with a city-based MNC said that her PG owner always instructs against locking their doors & they have often found him loitering around their rooms, this leads to fear of safety &security among the girls. she also complained that the food is never cooked in hygienic conditions. In 2015, BBMP raided thousands of PG owners in the city who id not possess trade licenses.

Thereafter, the civic agency has asked PG accommodations to pay property tax at commercial rates instead of residential rates. this has however increased the PG rents. whereas, 20-year-old, Revathy who is pursuing Bachelor of Arts in a reputed college, states that her PG is like her home-“the place where I live is good, they are fairly-serviced, my owner is friendly and approachable. All our necessities are taken proper care of”.

Most PG places offer a room with a bed, table, chair, geyser in the bathroom with a table and chair in the room. However, some owners are now offering televisions, stereo systems and so on. few owners have also started to offer two or four wheeler parking- invaluable for PGs who are vehicle owners. Whatever facilities are provided, it is very important to include their cost in the monthly rent bills, along with the extent of use and charges, if any. Hence, it is necessary to negotiate the terms and conditions well before signing up; also proper inquiries should be made from the reliable sources before getting stepping into paying guest accommodation. Safety, healthy food, hygienic environment, a good supply of electricity and water are the basic needs that need to be checked and availed for by the tenants.

Paying Guests shall provide the comfort of a home, not necessarily luxury. But, more of a family ambiance. It makes the occupants feel at home and welcomed in a city such as Bangalore that’s brimming with the bright, innovative, creative and warm population.

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Over Usage of Social Media Channel

We all know that everyone is a victim of “Social Media”; because it highly influences a human almost every day. A sudden paradigm shift in usage of New Media has led an instant solution to all the problems starting from assignment to purchase of apparel and many other.

But, do you know how accurate is the information? Is it a trusted brand? Such questions do arise. Young urban Indians are the highly active social media consumers; in short, “tech-savvy” of the society. This directly or indirectly results in “digital divide”-(the gap between those who have ready access to computers and the Internet, and those who do not.) between urban and rural areas. There are over millions of social networking sites where you connect or interact with people who are of the same or different communities; which results in developing knowledge or understanding of their traditions, cultures, etc. Various social media sites have turned out to be an empowered medium platform of public opinion that is sharing views on news, politics, products, movies, food, among others; also a platform of ‘breaking news’ phenomenon such as important government or non-governmental news or information through mobile applications, news portals and many more which is highly used among media field. Due, to the Emergence of new technologies in society there is a massive competition among the corporate world to satisfy the desires and needs of the audience or consumer.

Nowadays, it is easy to find out the online behavior or browsing patterns of the people as it is reflected in the form of their choices, preference & reflexes that is largely controlled by their unique psychological characteristics. According to Ikusan R Adeyemi, Researcher at the University Teknologi in Malaysia states that personality traits of a person can be deduced by their general internet usage.

Though there is a lot of positive and negative side to Social media, still it is one of the primary reasons for its widespread use because it enables users to freely express and voice their opinions to the rest of the world.

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Increase Demand of Vernacular Dailies

According to Quartz India report written by Manu Balachandran: Over 15.5 million Indians live outside the country, which is greater than the combined population of Zimbabwe and Kuwait. Since 2005, Indians are the world’s third-largest diaspora and the numbers have raised up to 60%, which has been reported in a study by United States International Migration Association.

When individuals migrate to different countries, they prefer to read and hear news only of their native tongue. As there is whopping demand on the subscription of varied vernacular dailies; especially in regional languages across the world. Presently, media industries are striving to cater to the news online, which can be accessed and update at any time. According to Mind Shift metrics study, Hindi is the second preferred language for accessing the internet by Indians, followed by various regional languages such as Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, etc. Many Media Industries are preferring to include local language content in digital space, especially in social media. Malayalam Manorama, Maharashtra Times, BBC Hindi and mostly all publishers are now using digital media to deliver content in local languages as well.

There has been a rise of 56 percent yearly in vernacular sites and 11 percent for English sites, which results there is a high demand for regional language content by Mind Shift Interactive data. Further, the data states that Indi Blogger, a popular Indian blog portal had 350 Hindi Blogs in 2010 which has grown up to 1861.

It is obvious that there has been a major advancement in technology. Still, there is a restriction towards vernacular languages or customized context in digital space. Though, most of the publications are going digital. But, there are some original content and advertisement remain untapped. Use of vernacular languages on the Internet and other technologies; there is a change in users experience and utilization of Information and Communication Technology in business, household, and social affairs. Currently, Industries do analyze-think and act in a marketing way or marketing strategy. As for any media professionals, their main motive is to engage the audience with their content. Presently, people do prefer to have content even in regional languages; even in the case of advertisement.

Nowadays, mobile data packages are going cheaper where everyone has the affordability of using smartphones, which is regarded as a part of the Digital Revolution. “Digital India” an initiative by  Government of India, is using mobile as a tool of empowerment, which enables every citizen to access varied government services, financial inclusion initiatives, retail, education, and more. Two years ago, Google had introduced Hindi Language input on Android.  Perhaps, this launch enabled global advertisers to target 500 million Hindi speakers online through text, image, video and rich media content.  Use of diversified language in online media is one of the greatest opportunity, where it has become a way to market their business at greater heights and influence large round of people and also meet the need of the people, towards vernacular languages.

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A Beautiful Story on a Yellow Flower

India is known for its ‘Unity in Diversity’ through festivals, tradition and many more. We celebrate and follow a certain culture as part of our tradition and custom followed from our ancestral period. Some of the major festivals in India are Diwali, Dussehra, Ganesh Chaturthi, Makara Sankranti and many more. People observe all these festivals with great devotion, belief, as well as following all the ritual in the ceremony. Most of the time we forget to think about the significance of the festival such as why do we celebrate it? what is the story behind any festival? etc.

Every year during the middle of April in South India, all the Keralites celebrate a Hindu New Year festival called “Vishu“, which is the beginning of Meda Rashi (zodiac sign). During, this auspicious day mother of the family arranges a “VishuKani” to all the family members which consist of decoration of Lord Krishna with some gold ornaments, fruits, and vegetables. Kani has to be witnessed early morning by all family members as soon as they get up from their sleep. after which they offer prayers in the temple and receive “Vishukkaineetam”  from all the elders in the family, then a big feast is organized. This festival and Onam festival is considered to be one of the most important Hindu Keralite festivals; because during these days, all the family members have a get-together and enjoy as much as possible.


Myself being a Malayalee also celebrated this festival recently. where I was curious to know the story behind this festival from my grandmother who came down from Kerala during this festival time; and she explained me in detail about the significance of this festival where I would like to share it. “Vishu kani konna” or “Kanikonna“- the yellow flower is one of the essential and widely used parts during this festival. As this flower is associated with Sri Krishna- which symbolizes devotion. There is a story behind this blooming flower that is- a small boy who wished to have a grace of Sri Krishna in real was satisfied when he appeared for real in front of this boy, though small boy didn’t have any other wish in return Krishna gave his waist chain as a gift for him, showcased in front of his friends. Next day, it led to being stolen chain from the temple idol Krishna; to know the truth all the village folks questioned the small boy mother where she couldn’t tolerate when people called his child a thief, in anger she threw away the gold chain towards the garden which got stuck up in a tree, suddenly yellow flowers started blooming out of the tree.

Later, these flowers turned to be called “Vishu Kani konna“- a true golden shower or blessings from Lord Krishna. Now, it is for sure that there is a small story behind all the festivals what we celebrate in our own culture or country.

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How to develop an Ideal Questionnaire??

To any common man, to prepare a questionnaire is not a very difficult task. Yet, there are some certain basic rules to be followed while preparing it that is:

  • There is a huge difference in how a respondent fills a questionnaire by themselves and how a professional interviewer conducts it.
  • Well-prepared questions for a questionnaire.
  • Formulation of questions.
  • Short and simple questionnaire.

Typically, to construct a questionnaire in one short single page is an illogical approach. Though. there is a lot of informative literature on the subject. But, still many don’t refer and follow it accordingly. Here, this article gives a detailed knowledge of each and every guideline on the preparation of the questionnaire and survey:

  1. There is a huge difference in how a respondent fills a questionnaire by themselves and how a professional interviewer conducts it.

Basically, a questionnaire is a written document formulated to obtain relevant information for a particular study.  It can be developed and conducted by an interviewer or designed in such a way, where the respondents can complete themselves without researcher intervention, which can also be called a self-administered questionnaire.

Self-Administered Questionnaire is the most feasible, short and simple one which enables a researcher to reach out to a large population of varied respondents. moreover, if it is complex and hard, it’s impossible for a respondent to complete a survey; where the role of an interviewer-administered questionnaire will play a significant role. Approximately, half of the population who undergoes a self-administered questionnaire don’t complete it, mainly due to the way questions are constructed. So, the researcher must ensure that questions should be understandable and clear-cut, where respondents can answer all the questions.

Generally, a self-administered questionnaire is prepared for the respondents who have a basic educational qualification, whereas interviewer-administered questionnaire is complex; because some prior instruction interviewers do receive on the flow of questionnaires that are organized, where practice interviews are conducted on a preliminary level to confront a respondent. In contrast, respondents don’t have an issue towards interviewer-administered or complex questionnaire, as a research assist it.

The interviewer-administered questionnaire can easily shift from one section to another in a questionnaire based on the responses. A Certain type of interviews enables to exhibit products or services for the respondents during the interview or based on the responses to various questions respondents can also have a glance at the concept or idea.

2. Well- Prepared Questions for a Questionnaire

Based on the studies and goals of a questionnaire, the questions can be developed from general to specific where there are no rules for sequence or flow of questions. Nevertheless, there should be certain guidelines which should be followed:

Preparation of questions should be one after other, in a specific manner having knowledge on respondent nature in mind. Where the questions should be prepared in an easy manner which enables respondents to answer without a second thought such as preferred brands, the frequency of shopping, etc. This is also a tip, for a researcher to make respondents comfortable with the interview.

There should also be a transition on the questions framed such as placement of complex or introvert questions in middle etc. when the interview process is happening in a pleasant manner.

At times, the researcher does receive biased responses. When respondents have an idea of who the sponsor of the study is, as they answered each question based on that knowledge. Hence, the researcher should have control over, when the interviewer must be aware of the sponsor of the study.

The role of sensitive questions in a questionnaire is always at the end, as it’s not possible all the time. But, still, the researcher must have an eye; as the respondent would drive apart from the interview process.

3. Formulation of Questions

For any person to construct a bunch of question is an easy task. But, if it is to design a questionnaire for a study it should be simple-understandable and meaningful for the respondents to answer easily. A Researcher always prepares questions with an aim to receive desired information from the respondents. so that they can interpret in the same way and understand the expected response.

Mainly, to prepare question researcher do ask different type of questions such as biased questions (where positive response is expected from respondents, if he/she has like something)-unbiased questions (respondents are expected to respond to questions without any partiality)- dual-thought questions (researcher should question both likes-dislikes of respondents)-multiple-thought questions (there would be different type of questions occurring in a researcher’s mind. But, it’s still important for a researcher to construct even questions about the study without prioritizing it.)

4. Short and Simple Questionnaire

Based on the objectives of the study, questionnaires are designed. At times researcher makes a sure questionnaire to be short and simple because most often respondents don’t complete or avoiding responding to certain questions, due to the length of the questionnaire.

To prepare a questionnaire, two simple rules should be followed that is:

  • Generally, a self-administered questionnaire is easy and well-written, where respondents can complete it within no time. But, it might be complex and jumbled, if it is a two-page
  • For a telephonic interview, there should be a good flow of transition in question and thoughtfully written; where its necessary to keep respondents to answer questions on the phone for more than 15 minutes.

Hence, it’s important that a researcher should question respondents in a professional and thoughtful manner.

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Kya Hum Cab me Chale

The Rise of Cab services in many of the metropolitan cities in India led a massive change in the way urban Indian travel. To get an auto or bus at any time near to a locality was impossible; with advanced technology such as app-based transport service has made citizen life easy because of the doorstep cab pick up services.

Ola and Uber are one of the biggest giants in providing online cab booking services in India.

Ola App

This service has turned out to be a great boon for cab drivers who extra income if they have smartphones in hand. As the mobile application can help the driver to locate and drop the riders to their location. Customers can pay the fixed fares either in cash, online or mobile-wallet services(Ola provide a company mobile wallet services called ‘Ola Money’). Before, the ride customer will get fare details of the destination. Drivers also have an option of logging out of the platform-based services and resume their normal operations. Especially, in Ola, they provide a different type of cab services under the label of Mini, Micro, Prime, Share, Outstation, Rental, Auto much more. To other extent fares also varies in accordance with the selected cab services. Even many budding entrepreneurs turn out to use these cab service to deliver their products such as food, gifts, bakery items, etc. on time to their customers; rather than choosing any other means of transport.

Nowadays, ‘Foodpanda’ one among the well-known online food ordering & the delivery app has collaborated with Ola, where the customers can order their delicious food. Uber has also started separate wing of food delivery app called ‘UberEats’.

Ola Cab

Due to these many services provided by a cab; preference of a traveler, to travel in auto or bus is changed because of rates which are not asked according to the meter. Ann who is a postgraduate student of a reputed college states that “cab is convenient but the only problem is that the charges are higher and most of the time drivers are unaware of the location despite GPS services or map in their smartphones, sometimes they cheat and force passengers to provide them a good rating”.

Ola Auto

Most of them think traveling through cabs is safe, but it’s not because various complaints or issue are raised against the cab services such as the strike on a hike in salary, misbehaving with women customers, a strike by auto and taxi drivers, no proper response by the customer care service and much more. The growth of various start-up services in India has led to a great influence on the lifestyle of commoners.

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Meals on Wheels

In metropolitan cities, fast food has become one of the quickest means to complete one’s appetite. Due to too much stress at the professional front, people these days skip their regular meals. They depend more on fast food because it saves time. One of the preys of stress, who fall first under this category is the young single-soul IT professional. To make it much easier nowadays especially youth who has a passion over the art of culinary decided to venture out with so-called “Food Truck” where they can foster their culinary dreams on wheels by riding all around the cities of our country.

Food Truck

Mostly, past six in the evening we get to find lot of truck such as “De3-The Eatery, The SWAT truck, Frosty Creams, Bite Club, The SpitFire BBQ Truck, Gypsy Kitchen, Auto Express” and many more are found in some of the well-known streets of our city such as Richards park, Indiranagar, Whitefield, Marathahalli, Koramangala, Yelahanka who serves en-number of dishes starting from dosa to desserts. While one among is the “Auto Express” which was recently flagged off from Hyderabad and ventured out first in Bangalore with ten food trucks and twenty-three staff all over the city. They have only two dishes and four flavors in their list in which “insane” is their signature flavor, most of the customers are happy with the budget which is reasonable, but not in the menu. Nithin who is one among the usual customer prefers to buy “Mini Hotdog” where they serve it like hotcakes. Mr. Mohammad who is the operational manager hopes to serve appetizing food to our foodies by including much more mouth-watering menu.

Food truck seems to have created a fascination among various folks in our so-called “Namma Bengaluru…!” city which in turn we get to find a rise in the number of food trucks. Especially in weekends, people gather around the food trucks placed at recreational centers, shopping malls, park, and other food outlets, to take a bite of the fast-moving, lip-smacking dishes. On the other side, most of them aren’t aware of the negative outcome of the dependence of fast food. According to the physician “the food contains elements like hot spices, cheese, sauce, preservatives and oxidized oil that cause more harm to the body. So it is important to stay fit and healthy by following a strict diet chart. If addicted to fast food life would be at stake!”

Way back we get to hear only the sound of the ice-cream truck, which makes the young heart jump for joy. But, over the years there has been a shift of preferences from traditional food to fast food which are served in the mobilized van for the folks of our society. Though fast food is not a new thing in Bangalore, the concept of food trucks has started serving finger-licking food as well as some food concept which are not only unique but also tickles your tummy.

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Are You Hungry? – A Brief Note on Food Apps

“Welcome to Swadh Restaurant, Sir your order please…..?”  would be one of the common dialogues, when you are in a restaurant. At present, if you have an android or IOS phone in hand; downloaded with en-number of apps with just one click on book or order now; you get your favorite things delivered at your doorstep is one of the biggest phenomena that is happening; due to the massive influence of technology.

One among is the era of food applications which has become; the biggest relief for any restaurateur to increase popularity for their own restaurant in all sense. At the same time, it is also a quick and painless process for a foodie who is craving for delicious food. This is also a form of extending restaurant services which can develop a lot of employment opportunity. Sometimes, it can be both advantage & disadvantage for both restaurateur & foodie; as many application emphasize foodie to create a personalized account; where you can save your favorite restaurant for a quick order, can save multiple delivery addresses under different labels such as home, work, etc; and many more. Various apps also avail discounts, ability to use coupons and opting for different payment methods such as credit card, debit card, and cash on delivery.

Food Application

Nowadays, there are also certain apps which has become an alternative way for foodie to decide the best restaurant at his/her town, that gives in and out information of a restaurant services through forms of user rating and review which in turn helps a restaurateur to enhance their services, to serve best for their customer. Keerthana who is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in a reputed college states that Apps like Foodpanda, Swiggy and many others are useful, it’s not time-consuming. It would be good if their servers are more creative and user-friendly; because most of the time the server gets hanged. Other, than that food apps are very useful. Foodgawker, Instacart, Yummly are some of the popular food apps in the world. Another form of mechanism to eat your loved food is through online services where you can order from any part of the world with laptop and internet service in hand.


Whereas, when it comes to India, Foodpanda hits the No.1 list, followed by Swiggy, Zomato, JustEat, Tastykhana and many more. These type of apps provide various culinary services starting from breakfast to desserts, snacks. I myself being a foodie, do order certain foods from certain online and apps service, except in timing there has been no other problem faced. Recently, Google has launched AREO- food delivery-cum-home services app in India; this app is in tie-up with the local partners such as Urbanclap, Box8 and many more. Like, these there are various apps who provide the same services to the society such as RedBus, MakeMyTrip, Saavn, Bookmyshow, etc;

Android application is one of the greatest revolutions that has hit various mainstream which helps, an individual to turn out more tech-savvy and discover new experiences with various apps in their daily routine life. With the development of technology, competition among various fields of services also increases to serve the best for a citizen in society.

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Health+Fitness Trends – In Brief Checkout The Latest Lifestyle Shift

In today’s age, you almost find in all ages a fitness enthusiast around your society. As health &lifestyle has become a matter of concern and conscious of many. Due, to which they hit inside a gym, yoga classes, park, etc. to maintain a good healthy body. Nowadays, millennials and working professionals are the ones who worship fitness seriously; because of work pressure which results in a bad toss over their health. Henceforth, this reason led to the development of fitness studio, health clubs, and communities around society.  When it is regarding health & fitness, no one minds adopting a new or active healthy atmosphere.


Most of us think that to follow and maintain a healthy soul; it is necessary to go to the gym. But it is not, as slowly there is diverse adoption of home workout culture. We always love to get personal attention. Which is very much practice with the help of technology, as anyone can seek a personal trainer. Where timely they do keep a check on your health status, gives you an outlook on the importance of body and fitness, plans out diet and workouts, etc.

Healthify Me and are top mobile application which gives all the facility of keeping your health and body fit. 


Nowadays, along with the body, it is necessary for a person to keep his or her mind; to be peace and calm. As many of us focus more on developing a slim and fit body; but we forget about our mindset. People who are much stressed out, tiredness, anger issue, lack of sleep can implement the classic form ‘Yoga’ to their routine life. There is even specialized yoga center-club-communities and courses on that is being set-up which is help towards society.


The blend of technology and fitness is an on-going trend, which fascinates many fitness enthusiasts. As, the innovation of wearable technology like Xiaomi Mi Band, Fitbit, etc.  keeps a metric count of your body. In short, a personal fitness tracker. Where a person can closely monitor calories burnt, heart rate, workout training, sleep analysis, etc. of a body. Many corporates, gym do adopt this strategy for promotional reasons to attract clients to become more productive.


Health & Fitness Industry is getting more scope among society. Where many fitness gyms are turned out to be a studio. In a simple way, broader facilities with a variety of fitness programs to its clients. Like as, group, specialized and personal training, etc. This type of transformation is getting attracted to more of millennials and working professionals, where they think it to be more comfortable with ample amenities, membership and varied offers, etc. for perfect body fitness.

                  Health &Fitness has become an essential part of human being daily routine. There are much new and active fitness trends on leap; where without any doubt many fitness enthusiasts love to adopt it. Nowadays, this sector is turning out to be more of business-oriented and technological adoptive phase; where there is much growth of job opportunities and good healthy lifestyle ahead.

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Bollywood Comedy

Bollywood is officially referred, known, or nicknamed as “Hindi Cinema” or “Indian Film Industry”. Let it be any citizen of any country; there is always a love towards Indian Cinema; as every year most of the films are screened all over the world. Due to which this industry is considered as one among the largest producer of film in the world. Nowadays, to imagine a movie without comedy element is impossible; let it be thriller, mythological, documentary or any other films. Due, to the fast-growing trend of any field; it has also affected the taste of movie buffs; Without humor or an interesting storyline it’s difficult for a movie to hit in a box-office, or have tagline called “blockbuster movie”. So, every filmmaker is striving to reach out the expectation of the movie lovers by bringing some or the other specialty element in a movie.

There are numerous comedy scenes in Bollywood starting from classics to latest 3D/ animated films. The representation of comedy scenes varies depending upon the story line of the movie. To make people laugh is not an easy task, it’s extremely a challenging work for both the scriptwriter and comedians; as you must make audience happy through your acting and words. Most of the Bollywood movies are incomplete without a comedy pinch. Some of the present times noted comedians in the Hindi cinema are Boman Irani, Rajpal Yadav, Paresh Rawal, Johnny Lever, Akshay Kumar is also regarded the comedy king along with action or entertainer actor title. Recent times, noted comedians of small and big screens of Hindi cinema Kapil Sharma and Bharti Singh. First comedy star of Bollywood cinema was Noor Mohammad Memon who entertained audience by adopting Charlie Chaplin style.