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Bollywood Comedy

Bollywood is officially referred, known, or nicknamed as “Hindi Cinema” or “Indian Film Industry”. Let it be any citizen of any country; there is always a love towards Indian Cinema; as every year most of the films are screened all over the world. Due to which this industry is considered as one among the largest producer of film in the world. Nowadays, to imagine a movie without comedy element is impossible; let it be thriller, mythological, documentary or any other films. Due, to the fast-growing trend of any field; it has also affected the taste of movie buffs; Without humor or an interesting storyline it’s difficult for a movie to hit in a box-office, or have tagline called “blockbuster movie”. So, every filmmaker is striving to reach out the expectation of the movie lovers by bringing some or the other specialty element in a movie.

There are numerous comedy scenes in Bollywood starting from classics to latest 3D/ animated films. The representation of comedy scenes varies depending upon the story line of the movie. To make people laugh is not an easy task, it’s extremely a challenging work for both the scriptwriter and comedians; as you must make audience happy through your acting and words. Most of the Bollywood movies are incomplete without a comedy pinch. Some of the present times noted comedians in the Hindi cinema are Boman Irani, Rajpal Yadav, Paresh Rawal, Johnny Lever, Akshay Kumar is also regarded the comedy king along with action or entertainer actor title. Recent times, noted comedians of small and big screens of Hindi cinema Kapil Sharma and Bharti Singh. First comedy star of Bollywood cinema was Noor Mohammad Memon who entertained audience by adopting Charlie Chaplin style.


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