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Guests of the City..!!

Bangalore is a dream destination for many job aspirants. Thousands of people, primarily bachelors come to the city on a daily basis for lucrative career options. this influx, however, comes with a price, in the lodging front, especially in a city like Bangalore where space is the biggest asset. Majority of them prefer paying guest accommodation, as it is more practical and affordable than renting a house. From college students to working professionals, many of them seek spacious rooms for their comfort. while, most of the paying guest accommodation offer very basic facilities, the rent depends not only on the locality of your home but also the extra facilities that they provide. but, in reality, only a handful keep up their promises, leaving the customer disappointed.

Paying Guests

Sheba, a 23-year-old IT employee working with a city-based MNC said that her PG owner always instructs against locking their doors & they have often found him loitering around their rooms, this leads to fear of safety &security among the girls. she also complained that the food is never cooked in hygienic conditions. In 2015, BBMP raided thousands of PG owners in the city who id not possess trade licenses.

Thereafter, the civic agency has asked PG accommodations to pay property tax at commercial rates instead of residential rates. this has however increased the PG rents. whereas, 20-year-old, Revathy who is pursuing Bachelor of Arts in a reputed college, states that her PG is like her home-“the place where I live is good, they are fairly-serviced, my owner is friendly and approachable. All our necessities are taken proper care of”.

Most PG places offer a room with a bed, table, chair, geyser in the bathroom with a table and chair in the room. However, some owners are now offering televisions, stereo systems and so on. few owners have also started to offer two or four wheeler parking- invaluable for PGs who are vehicle owners. Whatever facilities are provided, it is very important to include their cost in the monthly rent bills, along with the extent of use and charges, if any. Hence, it is necessary to negotiate the terms and conditions well before signing up; also proper inquiries should be made from the reliable sources before getting stepping into paying guest accommodation. Safety, healthy food, hygienic environment, a good supply of electricity and water are the basic needs that need to be checked and availed for by the tenants.

Paying Guests shall provide the comfort of a home, not necessarily luxury. But, more of a family ambiance. It makes the occupants feel at home and welcomed in a city such as Bangalore that’s brimming with the bright, innovative, creative and warm population.


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