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Meals on Wheels

In metropolitan cities, fast food has become one of the quickest means to complete one’s appetite. Due to too much stress at the professional front, people these days skip their regular meals. They depend more on fast food because it saves time. One of the preys of stress, who fall first under this category is the young single-soul IT professional. To make it much easier nowadays especially youth who has a passion over the art of culinary decided to venture out with so-called “Food Truck” where they can foster their culinary dreams on wheels by riding all around the cities of our country.

Food Truck

Mostly, past six in the evening we get to find lot of truck such as “De3-The Eatery, The SWAT truck, Frosty Creams, Bite Club, The SpitFire BBQ Truck, Gypsy Kitchen, Auto Express” and many more are found in some of the well-known streets of our city such as Richards park, Indiranagar, Whitefield, Marathahalli, Koramangala, Yelahanka who serves en-number of dishes starting from dosa to desserts. While one among is the “Auto Express” which was recently flagged off from Hyderabad and ventured out first in Bangalore with ten food trucks and twenty-three staff all over the city. They have only two dishes and four flavors in their list in which “insane” is their signature flavor, most of the customers are happy with the budget which is reasonable, but not in the menu. Nithin who is one among the usual customer prefers to buy “Mini Hotdog” where they serve it like hotcakes. Mr. Mohammad who is the operational manager hopes to serve appetizing food to our foodies by including much more mouth-watering menu.

Food truck seems to have created a fascination among various folks in our so-called “Namma Bengaluru…!” city which in turn we get to find a rise in the number of food trucks. Especially in weekends, people gather around the food trucks placed at recreational centers, shopping malls, park, and other food outlets, to take a bite of the fast-moving, lip-smacking dishes. On the other side, most of them aren’t aware of the negative outcome of the dependence of fast food. According to the physician “the food contains elements like hot spices, cheese, sauce, preservatives and oxidized oil that cause more harm to the body. So it is important to stay fit and healthy by following a strict diet chart. If addicted to fast food life would be at stake!”

Way back we get to hear only the sound of the ice-cream truck, which makes the young heart jump for joy. But, over the years there has been a shift of preferences from traditional food to fast food which are served in the mobilized van for the folks of our society. Though fast food is not a new thing in Bangalore, the concept of food trucks has started serving finger-licking food as well as some food concept which are not only unique but also tickles your tummy.


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