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Over Usage of Social Media Channel

We all know that everyone is a victim of “Social Media”; because it highly influences a human almost every day. A sudden paradigm shift in usage of New Media has led an instant solution to all the problems starting from assignment to purchase of apparel and many other.

But, do you know how accurate is the information? Is it a trusted brand? Such questions do arise. Young urban Indians are the highly active social media consumers; in short, “tech-savvy” of the society. This directly or indirectly results in “digital divide”-(the gap between those who have ready access to computers and the Internet, and those who do not.) between urban and rural areas. There are over millions of social networking sites where you connect or interact with people who are of the same or different communities; which results in developing knowledge or understanding of their traditions, cultures, etc. Various social media sites have turned out to be an empowered medium platform of public opinion that is sharing views on news, politics, products, movies, food, among others; also a platform of ‘breaking news’ phenomenon such as important government or non-governmental news or information through mobile applications, news portals and many more which is highly used among media field. Due, to the Emergence of new technologies in society there is a massive competition among the corporate world to satisfy the desires and needs of the audience or consumer.

Nowadays, it is easy to find out the online behavior or browsing patterns of the people as it is reflected in the form of their choices, preference & reflexes that is largely controlled by their unique psychological characteristics. According to Ikusan R Adeyemi, Researcher at the University Teknologi in Malaysia states that personality traits of a person can be deduced by their general internet usage.

Though there is a lot of positive and negative side to Social media, still it is one of the primary reasons for its widespread use because it enables users to freely express and voice their opinions to the rest of the world.


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